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万 佳 保
JiaBao  Wan
M.Sc. Student
ML&C Lab, Department of Educational Technology,
Nanjing Normal University, China

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Currently I am a first-year M.Sc. student of Department of Educational Technology in Nanjing Normal University. I received my B.Sc. degree in 2009 from LuoYang Normal University.I am really happy to do AI related research work in this big family. I am a member of ML&C Lab and supervised by Prof. Wei Wang, the leader of the Lab.
【Research Interests】
My current research interests mainly include Machine Learning , Pattern Recognition and Data Mining.
JiaBao Wan
Machine Learning and Congnition Laboratory
Department of Endcational Technology
Nanjing Normal University,
Nanjing 210097, China

Q  Q: 358550377
Blog: http://wanjiabao86.blog.163.com
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Having learning is able to make progress,
having summing up is able to make improvement.
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